Virtual Trip - Upper Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

Susan and Clint with a nice Leopard Rainbow.


Plenty of trout to go around..

A gentle release.

The trout fishing tended to be a little streaky, though there were plenty of trout this day. We would go stretches of 1/4 - 1/2 mile or so with nothing - then all of a sudden every cast was a trout strike. In Clint's orientation talk to the guests at dinner the night before, he said that if we could get around a 50% strike to land ratio with the mouse, we would be doing very good. The first day I was on fire, my ratio was about 80% and I was thinking this was not so hard... but like baseball, the percentages caught up with me. Day 2 - at lunch time I was hitting about 25%. These fish can humble an angler very quickly.

Maybe I was trying too hard - not keeping my eye on the ball. Overconfidence, lack of concentration, just plain old bad luck... I had it all. After lunch I settled down and I started catching them again - I was getting worried - I thought I had lost my mojo.

Susan was doing much better - she would mouse for a while, then she would use a flesh/egg pattern - she was really killing them on an olive Sculpin - that looked kind of like a drowned rat to me. Whatever it looked like to the trout - they were very aggressive to it. We were not really counting how many trout we caught, but trying more for a general idea. It appeared she was landing more than me, but that was fine - I wanted to take some trout photos, so it worked out well. There were plenty of trout to go around.

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