Virtual Trip - Upper Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

Morning fog made for a chilly boat ride. Owen took us way upriver. The scenery and river changed as we gained elevation. We could see the Eek mountains in the background and the vegetation was different. There didn't seem to be as many trout way upriver, but they were a little bigger.

The Dollies up here were more in their spawning colors and were a bit larger.


Owen pushes the boat through a tight side channel..

A close up look at a Leopard Rainbow.

Hard to believe this was only our second day of fishing. It seemed like we had been here for weeks. We fit right into the routine and fished, and fished and fished. There were so many opportunities for different species, it was amazing. I would not call it easy fishing - (trout pond easy), but I would not call it difficult either. The more angling skills you had, the more fish you were going to catch and land. I suspect a novice would do well here too. With a little instruction, there are ample nibblers to keep everyone happy.

It was as hard as you wanted to make it. If you were into more of a fishing challenge - then mousing was your game. If you wanted to catch more fish - then egg and flesh flies were the ticket. Certainly something for everyone at every skill level. The guides were extremely helpful with fly suggestions, tippets, knots - whatever would make for a better experience. They would be quick to tie on your fly, or let you handle your own tackle. They figured out what was needed for each situation - helpful, but not overly so.

This day our guide was Owen - one of the senior guides. His expertise with the fishing and wildlife was enormous. He was a pleasure to be with. Owen's experience showed - as he was constantly putting us on fish.


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