Virtual Trip - Upper Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

The Tundra was awesome It was nothing like we had ever experienced. The ground was like walking on a fluffy mattress. Susan found an area where the top layer had split - she put her hand in there and could feel the ice below.


Tundra lichens.

The Tundra had an abundance of super sweet blue berries.
There were plenty of fish this day, but what we remember most is our walk on the Tundra. Big Adam asked if we had walked on the Tundra yet. We said we hadn't and he took us on a Tundra walk. Adam gave us the rundown on what the Tundra was and what makes it unique. It's hard to believe the top layer is only about 2 feet thick. Below that is frozen solid. We ate blueberries and bounced around while Adam took a well deserved break - laying on the spongy ground. What a cool experience.



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