Virtual Trip - Upper Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

An egg pattern took this Leopard Rainbow.


This Rainbow fell for an olive sculpin.

The sun really makes these trout colors pop out. They are not easy to land.

The Rainbows would eat egg patterns as well as flesh flies. The problem - if you could call catching too many fish a problem - was that you would catch more Dollies than Rainbows most times using those patterns. Though you could catch 10 trout in a row on egg/flesh patterns - you might then catch another 30 dollies before catching another trout.

I thought I had it figured out after a few hours fishing. I would just throw the mouse - and catch just 'Bows. It turns out that Trout are not the only fish on the Kanektok that will eat mice. I caught several Dollies and a few Chum Salmon too - mostly nice big Rainbows though. The sculpin (ours were olive) proved deadly on the Rainbows - though not as much fun as a mouse (at least in my opinion.)


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