Virtual Trip - Upper Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

The Guides



The Guests



The host, the guides and the guests - we could not have asked for better! The Duncans truly have an impressive operation, it far exceeded our expectations. They were very organized and made the needs of their guests a top priority.

Oh and the fishing... it's all about the fishing. Fishing is the main reason we all make the trek to the wilds of Alaska. All the other things - the food, the shelter, the service, the scenery make the experience complete, but it really is all about the fishing. The Kanektok River Leopard Rainbow is without a doubt the greatest of all trout species. It is big, aggressive and beautiful. All the attributes one wants in a fish. The fact that it will eat a mouse on the surface and fights like crazy only add to the appeal of this wonderful trout.

Thanks for taking this virtual trip with us on Alaska's Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Son's.

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