Virtual Trip - Upper Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

We arrive at the upper base camp. It was a long ride, but fun - lots of things to see.


Susan opens up our tent.

These were first class outhouses. The guides dig new, fresh holes every week - so each group of guests get to start fresh.

As the caravan of boats pull up to camp, there are friendly camp staff (AKA fishing guides) waiting to unload our bags and help us take our things to our tents. Even in the wilds of Alaska - we instantly felt at home. Each tent had a fresh jug of water, 2 glasses and some bug spray (very thoughtful of them.) We used the water and glasses, but the bugs were not bad on our visit. If you kept your screen zipped shut, no mosquitoes could get in.

There were a few spots on the river where the bugs were buzzing, but for the most part they were not an issue.

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