Fly Fish for Trout and Salmon with the Duncans on Alaska's Kanektok river
Virtual Trip - Upper Base Camp - Kanektok River with Dave Duncan and Sons - Alaska

It's All About the Fishing

Leopard Rainbow

There is an old saying - "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away." The leopard rainbow trout is a fish that will take your breath away. Its sheer beauty, large shoulders, and fierce aggressive nature make it a quarry like no other.

Upper Base Camp Landing

Susan and I worked with the Duncans to come up with a time that would be optimal for trout fishing - we settled on the last week in July.


"Click the fish" to follow along with us as we take you on a virtual tour of a Dave Duncan and Sons fishing trip. Our destination is the Upper Base Camp on Alaska's Kanektok river. On this trip, our quest is the elusive Leopard Rainbow. Although it is not too elusive, as we managed to land our fair share of this magnificent fish. Along the way we also find abundant Arctic Char (AKA Dolly Varden) and several salmon species.

Susan Lockleer
Susan Lockleer
Sandy Lockleer
Sandy Lockleer

Susan and I shared our Kanektok River adventure with nine other guests (Darrell and Linda, Larry and Rankin, Nick and Elaine, Phil, Andrew and Michael.) What a wonderful group! We could not have hand picked better camp mates.

The Upper Base Camp was staffed by a great team: Clint, Owen, Kirk, Scott," Big" Adam," Little" Adam, Isaac, Mark - and Mojo (the camp dog.)
As you navigate through the virtual trip you may notice helpful hint icons . If you click these icons you will get helpful hints on a particular topic. At the end of the trip, you can get a whole page of hints.

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Duncan Fishing Home

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Heading to Quinhagak

Sunrise and breakfast

Written by Sandy Lockleer
Photography by Sandy and Susan Lockleer


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